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#167118 - A rather buxom blonde with an earthy sense of humor, Monica had a hot sexual streak in her, that usually required a daily bit of masturbation to take off the edge as she liked to say, but with most of the eligible men enlisted to fight the war, it was almost impossible to get a date, let alone start a meaningful relationship. It's an air raid, yelled Brenda, trying to make herself heard over the intense noise of the sirens, follow me, she shouted, and grabbed Monica by the arm while leading her down and entrance to the subway. Looking at Brenda, Monica remarked, That wasn't too bad, almost like home, but before Brenda could reply, a huge explosion shook the entire area, causing the lights in the subway to flicker on and off, and so for the first time Monica was in the middle of a real blitz! The noise and shaking of the earth caused her pussy to lurch, and the feeling was absolutely unbelievable! As several more explosions shook the subway, Monica felt her cunt cont

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