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#113953 - One night after taking lots of cum, I got 2 other guys, and took her in the bathroom, as she lay on a softish cock and I pushed mine in her butt, she took a third cock in her mouth, then with good timing, all three of us let her have our pee, she gagged a bit but stayed on his cock, as I filled her butt and her pussy was also filled, she loved it all, folowed by a warm shower, we went back to playing some more. Ralph took awhile to finnish filling her arse with cum, then some 5 minutes later his knot softened enought to let him drop out, as soon as his knot had cleared her body Lucas pushed harder, and knotted, within seconds she had been knotted twice, and now Lucas shot his doggy seed in her pussy, probly into her womb, Jackie still going strong as she screamed out again in orgasmic bliss, Sue like me was watching not sure if this was the same lady that a couple of months ago, had never done anal, or kink.

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She is thick delicious
Kojirou hyuuga
Que bonito rostro que tienes