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#378113 - My husband came two hours later, he was excited about what happened this afternoon but I said I am not in the mode for more tonight, next day morning I woke up with a sad look in my eyes as a flash memory of yesterday event cross my mind reminding me of the big mistakes I've done, I mean the dog with my husband approval is one thing but George and Suzan is another thing, no forgiveness for sure, I went to the kitchen to make coffee, while my husband arranged a milk dose for the puppies, I received a phone call from Suzan, she was too mad from her husband as she knew that he used me after she get back home, I didn’t say anything suspicious until my husband left the kitchen then I told her I was raped by George, who fucked me like an animal, she cried sorry for me and tried to comfort me, that's when an idea hit me like a truck and said: - Why don't we have revenge from George his way? - What you mean? - He used me, you will use my husband and we are even. She kneeled in front of hi

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Aiko takamori
I love jayme langford she is such an uninhibited lovemaker and sex enthusiast
Blond one seems to be angel wicky
Yukie mayuzumi
Nice big ass