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#147971 - Amy comes by almost every day since to get an cum injection, usually before school, she’d wake me with her mouth and then we proceed to make hot passionate love, me filling her little pussy with my baby batter and off she’d go to school with a smile on her face. Nancy came back grabbed Amy clothes and back to the restroom she went. And Nancy wasn’t helping as she plays with Amy’s nipple and stroking her wet pussy saying, “That’s it suck him suck him good… God is that hot… take his dick Amy, make him cum… Fill her mouth Bill… fill it full of that hot man milk… God I wish I was sucking him” Then Amy must have tried to answer her, but instead sent a vibration thru my cock that I have never felt before and pushed me over the top.

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Shou toramaru
Not bad
Shinobu kochou
Damn sweet ass and pussy there