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#9576 - His skin was as silky as his underwear as my tongue tasted his cock, my tongue instantly wrapped around the head of his cock, sucking his pre cum from his cock, I reached to grab it and my small hands could not wrap around it like the way I grab my own cock, but I was still able pull him off while he was in my mouth. I tried to get him off the thought of my cock Did you learn to be a doctor in your own country I asked Yes, during my service in the army I started my medical training he answered You were in the army? I asked Yes, in Qatar everyone must join the army and train to defend of country Wow was all I could say, didn't have any knowledge to come back with any more questions. I couldn't scream but I wanted to, I had cum and I wanted to cum and cum but the pain flowing through my baby was so fucking amazing I was holding myself back from cumming.

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