#267166 - Afterwards, they kissed Toni slid her panties back and she told him that was quick I think I will call you quick draw from now on and laughed she told him to go in she did not want to be seen leaving and coming back at the same time she needed to fix her makeup and things so Marcus went in to the club ,as soon as he entered the club she ran over to the car and pulled up her dress and had me fingering her wet come filled pussy and rubbing her panties in it then she said lick it you know you want to so I did then she fixed herself and left for the club she went to the rest room so freshen up and soon after I entered the club . Then we told her that we like to video all our encounters just for us to watch she asked how many do you have we told her only one so far but we wanted our collection to grow . We all got a good laugh.

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