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#83853 - We lay resting, Pauline shocked at what she had just done, but also asking me how I learnt to take such a large amount of toys in my butt, I said years of practise and poppers helped, I then said want to be realy kinky now, and try some thing else, her mouth kind of said no, but her eyes said yes, so again not saying any thing, I took a good sniff of the poppers, and put lube on her hand, now she was totally stunned, with her arm sticking up I lowered my butt down. Pauline was making weird sounds, not believing what she was seeing, as I worked them hard, my orgasms now following from one to another, then knowing she would be tired, I moved forward, the vibe fell out, but the others stayed in me, so I held them sitting down pushing them both right in, showed her what I could take. My little sister was now a fully blown anal slut, and she knew it, I gave her ever inch of my cock and just about all the 18 inch's, now more than before she was pushing back hard, trying to get

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