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#310363 - Orgy Participants = Couple 1= Mark Evans -20years old and mom Joyce a 55 yr old blonde with 44dd fake tits, Couple 2 = Leroy 20, black with mom Althea 44 with small tits & a big ass Couple 3 =Bobby 25, mom Rosie (60) greyhaired floppy tits. Wilbur got an instant hardon as soon as he saw his wife Kitty stepout of the bedroom , Master Chang had outdone himself this time, Kitty was collared, leashed, on the collar its said Changs Whore,she wore 8 inch thigh high hooker boots her tits were pierced with large earrings & she had a slutty nose ring on between her nostrils , signifying she was lke his cow. This turned Chang on too much as he motioned for Jane to sit on his lap as he sucked on her big brown tits.

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Fucking idiots fucked it up with their horrible english lol