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#374125 - ‘God’ Sharon thought ‘I never felt anything like that before’ her mind was thinking bout the last 2 days, all the time’s Harry had her in bed, he was stood all weekend it seemed thanks to the Viagra “Did you enjoy your weekend?” Harry asked as he sat with Sharon in the car as she drove on the motorway home, Sharon smiled but didn’t answer for a few seconds. Sharon felt Harry pull her mouth off his cock and she looked up at him, he smiled and motioned for her to join him on the bed, she smiled and got on next to him, Harry pushed her back till she was laid on her back and crawled between her open legs guiding his rock hard Viagra induced hard on into Sharon’s tight pussy, she moaned out as she felt the thick cock enter her again and again as Harry began to thrust hard. “Yes this place is ours until we go back Sunday night, that means we have the rest of today all tomorrow and until 3pm Sunday together” Harry said as he got the suitcases out of the boot of Sharon’s car.

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