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#328149 - The jogger closes the door to your cubicle and then he slides his hands up your thighs to your panties, you ease your bottom off the seat and he gently slides them down to your ankles, you put your hand up his shorts and feel his now very hard cock throbbing in your hand, you beckon him to stand up and when he does you pull his shorts down to reveal his hard cock, which is not overly huge about 7 inches but perfectly formed nice proportion and not circumcised either, you put your hand around it and start to gently work it back and forth, he holds onto the back of your head and guides you to his cock, opening your mouth you take him in and he starts to fuck your mouth, after a little while you can feel him start to throb inside your mouth so you indicate for him to sit on the seat and you change places and you offer him your cunt as you push it into his face, his tongue is like a magic wand on your clit and you have to bit you tongue to stop you from Cumming, you can sense him wanking h

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