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#125282 - I then reached out with my tongue and licked the length of her snatch from bottom to top, before grinding my open mouth onto her hole, and forcing my tongue against the top of it, mashing it against her clit. When I was adequately filled (I didn’t even normally HAVE a cooked breakfast – but I wasn’t going to tell HER that!), I said “Right my little Rundi – upstairs NOW! … Go to my bedroom and wait for me” Whilst she trotted obediently away, I went to the garage and fetched a ball of rough rope I had stored there for years, just on the basis that it would ‘come in handy’ one day … today WAS that day! When I walked into the bedroom she had already closed the curtains; ‘She’s learning’ I thought. The sight and feel of my tongue in her naked pussy, with my index fingers pulling it obscenely open coupled with the occasional intrusion of a wayward thumb into her tight puckered arsehole, got ME as hard as nails again in NO time – regardless of what it was doing to HER! I pull

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