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#222095 - The office was closed but Jada had decided to stay behind unusually, at the chime of five she was always the first to grab her handbag and jet. She began to ride him as he writhed, his eyeballs rolling in their sockets, Shana decided she had been ignored for too long as her intense multiple orgasms began to subside, she crawled towards the fucking duo and placed her head between Jada’s thighs as she wound her ass on ghosts thick cock, she began to vibrate her thick moist tongue against Jada’s clit ,ghost grabbed one of her plump breasts as he felt her tongue snake over his thrusting dick, the sensations Shana’s tongue brought was two intense and she began to buck on ghost as she felt her climax approaching, Ghost suddenly leaned up displacing Shana and grabbing Jada as he exploded into rivers of cum that gushed into the climaxing Jada, they clutched at each other as they writhed to the ministration of their simultaneous orgasm. Shana sat on the floor with her mini skirt bunched ar

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