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#249866 - Another cut in, to a slower song and was now dancing and leading her quite expertly all over the floor, as they danced a crowd of young black men had gathered to watch. Sally being a fair skinned red head with large breasts and smooth milk like skin even in the dark place the sinful contrast of Sally's fair white skin and black hands exploring, her most intimate place was quite a stimulating experience for all! Sally stood there bent over with her hands on the bar, her big tits hanging down and legs in the blue hi heels slightly apart, trying to swallow the effects of the drink holding her breath and enjoying the sinfully erotic sensations, not at all sure what would happen next! Young horny men especially black ones when presented with such a naked wonderful gift, can say the darnedest things! All of the comments were sexually perverted with harsh nasty sex at the very top of the list! This encounter lasted much longer than expected, as Sally really enjoyed the moment, to have all

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