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#258831 - On the way home Trudy was asking if she did alright and if l enjoyed watching her slap the bloke, l assured her she did really well but l didn’t tell her she was going to be doing a lot more in the future. I told Trudy to open her legs so he could get his hand into her knickers and finger her pussy there was the sound of twigs braking and 2 more blokes appeared and stood watching Trudy being finger fucked, one of the onlookers asked if he could play with her tits, l nodded, he lifted her top and bra to start sucking her nipple then my wife’s top and bra was lifted over her head so she was topless the other onlooker got behind Trudy and played with her tits. The bloke fucking Trudy was building up quite a speed, her tits swung back and forth, side to side, he gave a groan and drove his cock into her hole then held Trudy onto his shaft as he emptied the contents of his balls she pushed herself backwards onto his cock, he gave another groan and started to give little jerks into her puss

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Normally porn with music turns me off but you did amazing work on the editing the music actually made the cut
Gene starwind
So beautiful
Seijuro hiko
Misae sagara
I i will give you what you want