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#379977 - She again lost consciousness for several seconds as she regained her breathing the guys rolled off her, “ok Janet we’ll ask again what do thing about your second DP”? This time she didn’t hesitate “I loved it it’s all I ever want to do with you guys”. As Ralph went to open the front door, she was in the doorway in her yellow lac bra and lace yellow tight boy shorts “excuse me I see a very horny cunt that needs to be filled with cum anyone of you interested”? Ralph walked over to her he squeezed her tit, “let’s go babe” she walked toward her bedroom as she got by Lee’s door, she heard his bed squeaking she smiled I guess my boys getting some pussy. Lee was a bit shaken by this but decided to agree to see if it was real.

Read Amature Yukarin ni Iroiro suru Hon - Touhou project Str8 Yukarin ni Iroiro suru Hon

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