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#274328 - I was suddenly aware that I had a boner and was mortified! “Why am I getting a boner looking at Sean cock”I thought as I lowered myself into the water hoping Sean would not see that I was excited. His parents had separated a few weeks ago,and John and his mother had moved here from the city,he had not got the chance to make many new friends and none of them lived nearby. The day was sweltering hot and as it approached noon Sean said”lets go for a swim””I've no swimming trunks”I replied but Sean laughed,”never skinny dipped before?” he said as he peeled off his t shirt,Sean was very fit and had a six pack,I was a bit embarrassed as I was still a skinny kid but I pulled off my t shirt,Sean at this stage had pulled of his shorts and then removed his jocks,I had never seen another boys cock before and was fascinated by the size of Sean's,it was a lot bigger than mine, maybe a full five inches, and I was a bit shy as I peeled of my own shorts and jocks,I dived into the lake befor

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