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#326926 - There was no time to shower, but a quick wash of my face and hands, a wipe of my cunt with toilet paper, a whisk over my body with a towel, and a comb of my hair, and I looked quite presentable – or at least, not like someone who had just crawled out from a sex orgy. and that reason is?’ Cards on the table time, Lexie, I thought to myself, although in fact this was the less risky part, as I was fairly sure that she knew the truth about me and Tom – the reason for which, the really really big secret, was that Larry was Tom’s new gay boyfriend, it was Larry that he was fucking and who it seemed couldn’t get enough of taking turns to suck each other off and take it up the ass! ‘That I’m a lesbian, and I want to keep it secret’, I said flatly, looking the hot Hispanic chick right in the eye. You’ll laugh, but I never have yet – in fact, would you believe, I’m still a virgin! I was saving myself for someone, someone special, but I can see that’s not going to happen, I’m not sure she

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Yuuma kohinata
Imagine what
Kou uraki
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So fucking sexy