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#271533 - Finding that there was no protest from the younger Asian girl, and that her pussy-lips were parted and slick with wet arousal, Mei Lin swirled her finger around for a moment inside Yuriko’s slit, and then stroked a fingertip along it, from bottom to top and ending with a flicking rub of her thumb very near to Yuriko’s tender clitoris. After a moment, she resumed an upright position and pushed her meaty crotch onto Yuriko’s face, accompanied by a terse instruction to ‘eat me out, bitch, and make it good!’ At the same time, Viola knelt between her lover’s parted legs and focused her attention on the Asian girl’s pussy. Two sharp jerks stripped away the Japanese schoolgirl’s coquettish white knee-high socks, and a quick snap undid the clasp in the backband of her thin grey bra.

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