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#53016 - ?!?” “I know what you mean,” Marsden said while cutting him off, “and the answer is yes, I have one or two different dreams, but usually it’s the same on over and over!!!” “W-what is it,” Vera asked thickly, “tell me!!!” The room was now lousy with the undercurrent of sexual tension, and as the two men shifted uncomfortably in their chairs Marsden replied in barely a whisper, “Usually it’s just me and a man, a young man who is incredibly handsome and naked with a huge erection!” “Then what,” Vern asked while licking his lips, “d-does he fuck you?!?” Marsden’s eyes had long since glazed over, and after giving off a slight moan he went on, “I-it’s always the same, he comes to me, and without saying a word unzips my pants and just tears off my shorts, and with unbelievable strength lifts me like a rag doll and lowers me onto his thick pecker!!!” “S-sweet jesus,” Vern replied as his fingers found their way into his own jockeys and began furiously jerking, “and that’s when you cum!?!” “L

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