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#396904 - She had arrived and was greeted at the door and blindfolded, then they stripped her, and led her to a frame, tied her hands spread her legs and tied them, and then John said “go for it boys”, as cock after cock pocked and prodded her body, filling her pussy and then her butt, she said it was weird, as they could move her on it too, fucking her in different ways, and she loved it soon orgasming as they continued to play. Seeing as it was near 2 am when she got home, I asked, any idea how many, she said not a clue, but they all had fun and so did she, They all used her many times over, much like before, and John had made sure a few well hung guys put her to good use too, she said her pussy took 2 cocks together, but the third trying for her butt couldn't get in, One guy was as kinky as me often eating her out taking the fresh cum from her pussy or butt, and kissing her mouth, Early the next day I rang the number and set up a night.

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