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#65710 - That afternoon as I was walking out of school I saw them, there they were, the two shoeshine boys that have fucked me the previous week in the janitor’s room at the school, they were standing just outside the main gate looking at me with a grin on their faces, I felt embarrassed and I am sure I was blushing, I felt like hiding but it was too late, they have seen me and as soon as I walked out the main gate they approached me, again with a grin on their faces, I hated that. He started to pump me again and again and after a while with one solid push he went deeper than before hold me tight and he came. And then is when the one next to me said, almost whispering, “Would you let us?” I knew what he was asking and since it was my turn to hit the marbles I just continued with out responding, a minute went by and he ask again, “Hey, what do you say, would you let us?” I was silent and he continued, “Come on, I know that you liked it” and “What do you say?” I still was silent but he kept the

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