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#401927 - I came in and she had music on and the lights dimmed making it very soothing. With my left hand I had one hell of a time unbuttoning my jeans and unzipping them but once I did with me still pounding the fuck out of her pussy with my right hand and dropping my jeans with no underwear on at that time I pulled out my fingers, she gasped saying no not yet I’m so close I nearly leaped up on the bed and pulling her ass up into the air I plunged my rock hard shaft as deep inside her as I could and she yells out oh fuck yes, yes that’s where I wanted you, yes now fuck my pussy hard damn it, make me scream on the next orgasm damn it, fuck me now and that’s exactly what I did too. I waited for about five minutes and knocking at her door she says it’s ok come on in.

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Swan white
Names please
Yuina himoo
I admire her body especially her boobs