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#256423 - Merve came over to me and took me in his arms and we kissed, those Kissers were thrilling, he poked his tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it, his hands rubbed all over my Naked little Body, feeling my Cock & Balls, then he put his finger up my Bum hole and he said to me , “ Timmy, I bet you can take two of my fingers up you Arse, you are the Big Boy, yes that’s it, go on little boy fuck youself, show your Daddy and your Lover how good you are” as his two fingers went in to me, so I moved up and down on his fingers giving myself a thrill then Merve picked me up and spread my legs either side of his body and lowered me down on his Big Cock, it was longer than my Lovers Cock and a lot Fatter, which I thought might hurt my Bum Hole, but as it went into me, Daddy was saying, “look at my little boy he is taking all of Merve`s Cock up his Arse and he is bouncing up and down on it so he gets it all into his Bum” . When he was getting in the car I could see that he was still smiling, and h

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