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#137640 - He started kissing me rougher than the first time as he put a third finger into my throbbing entrance and with his thumb he was playing clit until he stopped and as soon as he did, I felt a blinding pain he rammed his thick 8 ½ inch cock right up me, I screamed in pain and begged him to stop, even when I started crying he kept on ramming his penis into my dripping wet aching pussy. Oh my god, it was bigger than I thought It would be. We dabbed each-other dry and walked naked to his room, he laid me on his bed but didn’t got on top this time, he stayed standing over my naked body until he lent down and planted a soft kiss on my lips and said “I promised you ill make the pain go away, so now I am.

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Mikoto suoh
Amazingly sexy u guys get me wet tiguita
Ritou seiki
The way she was kicking his ass lol he was all up in there though