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#21511 - Susanna didn’t wait for me to answer “Pick me up at work” she instructed. I went into my bag of tricks and brought out my entire arsenal of pussy eating techniques that I had accumulated over the last 15 years as I feasted on her sweet sexy young cunt. Susanna eased up for a brief while to allow her to catch her breath and as we waited for her to regain her composure, I instructed Susanna to remove Gabby’s jeans entirely, it took a bit of coaxing from both of us before Gabby finally agreed to take the jeans off, Susanna wasted no time in getting it off and asked me where I wanted her to place Gabby’s legs, by this time I had lowered the seat next to me and I was just inches away from this virgin wet sweet pussy, for some reason I swear that Gabby was pushing her wet cunt closer to my mouth.

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