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#344536 - Not bad, answered Mitch, wanna let me wash that for you, he asked Ben while looking at his buddy's semi hard pecker? Yeah, sure, go ahead, responded Ben, do it for me!!! Mitch took a bar of soap into his hands and worked it around until his palms were full of suds, and then after reaching down between Ben's legs he found the rapidly thickening penis and began to softly wash and scrub it's thick shaft and saucer like head. God it was beautiful, so thick and long, with a huge head, perfect for sucking or ass fucking!!! Mitch opened his mouth and let the warm head pop inside, stretching his jaws almost beyond possibility! God you suck good, moaned Ben through clenched teeth, let me cum in your mouth, you fucking bitch!!! Mitch loved to be called bitch when he was sucking, and his own cock spurted onto the tile floor as his mouth was filled with a cum gusher from Ben's huge fuck stick, while simultaneously, cocks all over the shower erupted in unison, and

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