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#97572 - When he finally quit and pulled the slowly deflating monster out of me with another wet sucking noise, I was so weak that I couldn’t even pull my skinny legs back together! My teenage daughter would just have to find herself another ride home! The next morning I called the spa to thank him again and blatantly asked him to invite me to his home sometime and give me another ride whenever he could “fit me in!” Kelly R. There were no preliminaries and I gasped as he pressed the enormous, shiny-black head against my tiny, 38-year-old opening. A second or two later I felt him spreading my oozing red cunt lips apart with his calloused fingers and quickly pushing the entire ten or eleven inches back inside me so quickly that it knocked the wind out of me! Ignoring my whimpering he started pounding me like I was some kind of a rag doll… The feeling was indescribable, I started to come like I’d never come before in my entire fuckin’ life! He banged my wet, splayed-open cunt deepl

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You are best
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Wierd fetish each to thier own i guess what next nostril fucking lmao