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#110913 - They reached her rapidly breathing body as she looked up at them innocently. In each man and woman’s life, the main accomplishments and experiences are predetermined but not their whole life, they are free to do as they please in between these main events; if a man is to marry Jennifer, Suzie and Rachel, divorce the first two and have 3 male children named Dave, Steven and Liam then die at 89 then at specific times in his life, through natural causes he will do all those things. Ben smiling contentedly, “Are you kidding me, you’re like a goddess, and seeing you cum like that… it was so sexy!” he explained, chuckling as he remembered the dirty talk, “So you like the dirty talk ‘ey?” he smiled as Louise beamed back, excited that she had found someone who could adequately do that during sex, she bit he upper lip devilishly “Yeah, it’s so hot to hear a guy explain exactly what he wants to do to you, as if it’s something naughty and secret… The more detail the better, you know? After a

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