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#412605 - It was one Friday evening after work when I arrived home at my usual time, Alison does not work so I expected her to be home and was not too surprised to hear the knocking and grunting noises coming from upstairs It sounded just like she was giving the keep fit equipment a good work out, I started up the stairs but suddenly something sounded not quite right the grunting sounded more male than female and the creaking was not the usual sound of her equipment made so I peeped into the spare room, nothing at all going on in there, so I move on to the main bedroom it was quite clear that this is the source of the noise so I peered around the door and was confronted by a large muscular arse covered in ginger hair working up and down between a pair of female legs spread wide apart and pointing to the ceiling, I could see between the spread legs as the ginger balls slapped hard against my wife’s ass he gave her a real hard shafting while she was urging him on to “fill my pussy” and “fuck me ha

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