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#80549 - Finally when it was free, the thing now unencumbered gave me a good squirt right in the face, with me blinking cum I saw the look in his eyes! Then with a twisted contorted facial expression he pulled me up by my blond hair, onto my heels swung me around and bent me over, kicking my ankles apart and holding my head back by my hair with one hand that arched me up, and with my wrists still obediently behind my back grasped them with the other and in surprise? Placed his cock head in the opening of my virgin pussy folds followed by ramming his still hard slimy dick as harsh brutal and forceful as possible, as far as he could! I was certainly a virgin, but the earlier orgasms had loosened an dilated me just enough to keep my little slit open enough, and from being painfully ripped apart! But even holding me like this and him being a full grown young man, it had taken several thrusting attempts, with me screaming again and again forced it in a little farther each time as he fuck walked m

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