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#128175 - I was a little hurt because I knew that I wouldn't go after a friend's boyfriend (stupid teenage promises) and even though I was sad, but I kept telling myself that it would be fine, they were crazy happy together. I stayed in the shower longer than normal, touching myself and thinking about Ethan taking a shower with me, touching me, and fucking me hard. I wasn't so sure I could act cool after the webcam show, not to mention, I would of had problems either way being calm because I didn't know if he wanted a friend or more, either of which I was all for, though I wanted the or more preferably.

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Kirino kousaka
Many thanks
Shizuo heiwajima
I woulda slapped the fuck outta that stupid bitch for spitting on me
Emi kizaki
I think i am in love with casey calvert lol