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#44094 - He stood there and admired them beautiful you should be proud of them he asked and Melissa giggled and smiled at him thank you she says softly now everytime you are alone with me you have a infinite amount of lust and skill to pleasure me he says as she immediately starts smiles and starts to kiss him and tries to take of his pants he sees her lust in her eyes she only wanted one thing and he was gonna give it to her . forever ? he asked James no probably not I will breed your daughter let her give birth to my child while I find a way to pay for everything they need when my kids are grown up we shall see how it will go okay ? he said as Brian nodded When they where finished talking the girls where ready all dressed and holding James his clothes he stood up and went to stand infront of them letting the girls dress him like a true gentlemen thank you girls now let's get going we can't be late on school he says as he starts to walk to the door his girls following him in lin

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