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#296470 - “get on all fours, make sure you get a nice angle” said the director talking to the actors and the camera guy as well The kid pulled out and stood on the chair again, mom got on all fours on the table, the kid got on the table as well as he didn’t quite reach his mom, and once he was in he started pumping again, he didn’t have a rhythm or anything you could see he was very excited, he was holding on to her waist a couple of times he popped out of his mother, but she guided him back in, this went on for several minutes , once again the director spoke, they both got down from the table, the kid laid on the floor his erect cock pointing upwards, the mom parted her legs and guided herself on to his cock, she sat on it and started to ride, the kids small little hands couldn’t hold those huge tits in place, they were moving like they had a mind of their own, mom was acting she was yelling “yes, yes, fuck your mom, good boy…”, she kept moving, suddenly she stopped, stayed on top of her son,

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