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#186008 - He is at a table in the exclusive Dabbous restaurant listening to the inane chatter of his most recent clients, a talentless boy band that had found fame in what he considered a ridiculous television programme; his mind was wandering, calculating how much he would charge the quartet for having to listen to their prattle when he heard her laughter; only Laura could make laughter sound so musical. oh I’m doing it again, not giving you a chance to talk”. With thanks to two hot guys who helped me to develop the story.

Read Soapy delta-TSF - 〔艦これ〕一般的少年を島風にするだけ〔性転換過程〕 10p - Kantai collection Gapes Gaping Asshole delta〔艦これ〕一般的少年を島風にするだけ〔性転換過程〕 10p

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