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#122291 - . now the expiration date, the operator asked? Uh, 10-02, Mark replied nervously, what happens now?!? I will put you on hold for maybe a minute or two and then your date will come on the line, the operator answered, and thank your for using our service, and before Mark could get in another word the operator was off the line only to be replaced by some elevator music! What am I doing, Mark muttered to himself, good grief, have I lost my mind, as he watched the second hand on his office wall sweeping towards the one minute mark! He was just about to hang up the phone when the music stopped abruptly and a smooth male voice asked melodiously, And who am I on the line with, please?!?'' Uh, my name's Mark, he stammered?!? Have you called before or is this your first time, the voice asked gently?!? It's my first time, he replied softly, I've never done anything like this in my life!!! Well them we're going to have to make it a memorable e

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