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#135827 - Doris settled down in the middle of the sofa, opened up the front of her robe, and then offered each of them a large nipple to suck on! Scottie and Jan each took a place on either side of Jan's mother and lay their heads in her lap, where upon she guided a nipple into each one of their mouths! Oh, god, that feels good, she sighed, as the two youngsters began emptying her massive bosom of her excess milk! As they sucked, Doris made qui?et conversation, while occasionally giving encouragement to both of them! For your information, Doris opined, my bra size is up to a 42DD!!! Jan pulled her mouth away from the distended nipple she was nursing on and said, That's up two inches this month alone, that is really amazing!!! Mmmm, yes it is, Doris replied, and another thing I've found is that my clitoris is almost always erect and in need of sexual relief, I had to masturbate twice today just to keep from going crazy!!! Uh, Scottie, asked Doris quietly, could I ask

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Ur so hot
Riku nanase
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