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#231122 - ”, he thought as he gunned the engine again taking the bike onto the freeway at nearly 90 mph causing her to squeal and moan loud enough to hear her over the engine and the rushing wind. “Fuck! That’s hot!” he thought, staring at her tongue as each tip flexed in differ directions as he stretched her tight pussy deeper and deeper, using her hard, his balls starting to boil as his desire to fuck the life out of her growing more and more as she moaned and screeched louder and louder as she got close to another orgasm…if he timed it right, he’d end up pouring his hot cum into her womb just as he made her squirt again he reasoned. He looked at her face as she panted from her orgasm, her eyes closed, then he grinned wickedly before shoving himself deep into her, bottoming out against her cervix in her shallow pussy, 4 inches of his cock still outside her.

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