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#308963 - I knew that all I can take I tell him I’m gonna Cum before he can say anything my hot load hit is mouth and he gag a bit and I tell him swallow all of his breakfast milk, a little came out and he swallow the rest is first ever taste of boy seed. I started to wonder how would is dick feel in my mouth, first time I ever taught about that I had seen it on porn videos and so but never try it real life I slowly put steven dick in my mouth an started to suck like a lollypop. It all started on Sunday morning, but first let me tell you about my brother and me is name is Steven he was 11 at the time like any other kids his age, he was 5 foot 1 and 72 pounds, anyway I was 13 by the way and my name is James i was well 6'6'' and about 122 pounds, we live with our mom alone since our dad pass away when we were small, nothing much was side about is passing all we knew is that he die on duty he was a cop .

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