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#45119 - DAUGHTER DEBBIE PT5 As much as i wanted to fuck the liviing daylights out of my darling Daughter right away i decided to leave it till later that night after Debbie had rested fully from all the anal abuse i'd been giving her, My hard cock still needed draining so i offerd it up to Debbies face & like a good little Daughter she opened her mouth wide letting me slip inside , With half my length in her mouth her hands wrapped round the base of my shaft & proceeded to wank & suck me off simultaneously, Having done this for me know on several occasions her technique was improving each time , Her fasination in making my squirt still showed no signs of abating & she would race to have me cumming as soon as possible, Don't get me wrong i'am not complaining, Her head bobbed up & down my shaft her hands moved in time matching the strokes, My balls were starting to stir & tighten ready for release, Slow it down a bit will you darling or you'll have me cumming soon

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