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#77291 - Lady-Man Love, Part 1 – Feelings Awakened This is actually part of a long series, mostly hetero, but I felt this was good enough to express my desires for something different in a new story: I hope you enjoy as I explore beyond just a man and woman, to a man and a man-who-wants-to-be-a- woman, and be my lover. ” I shook my head “No em, I am not that good a person, but I do try to be nice to everyone. I breathed heavily against her back, now sucking rather than biting on her neck and ears, and finally managed to get out “I am sorry em; I didn’t want it to be so fast, and I hope I didn’t hurt you anywhere, but I was just so excited – so it’s all your fault!” I laughed at the end and lifted my hand to my mouth and slurped up the essence of her, even as I spasmed inside her, and she reached for my hand and drank of herself and then I was able to return and cuddle two breasts, calmer now and able to realize just how much bigger they had grown, and the feel of them was enough to give

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