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#250208 - Sweat was running down his forehead and chest as he kicked it up a notch and really hammered my tits like no tomorrow, as much as I loved what he was doing I desperately wanted that cock inside my needy pussy, I was worried he was going to finish before I got what I really craved. “take that black dick girl, told you I was gonna give that booty a work out”, he grunted out as his sweat dripped off his forehead onto my lower back. “oh god, your cock is so fucking big, ah”, I grunted out in both discomfort and pleasure, my right hand still rubbing my clit and my left holding onto the couches armrest for support, I didn’t know if Leon had managed to get his full length inside me yet but I never felt more fuller than I did at that very moment, the feeling was heavenly bliss, I could feel his veins throbbing, pumping more blood into his massive erection, his pelvis hitting my arse cheeks and I knew then he had penetrated me fully.

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I need that kind of action