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#388447 - What a Friday that was. She got down on to her knees and I dropped my trousers and boxers, she took my cock which was throbbing by this point with one hand and started to suck whilst her hands worked my balls, she moved down and started licking and sucking my balls before moving back to my cock, she took all 7 inch in one go, she started with a slow rythem, before I took hold of the back of her head and proceeded to fuck her face, She took this like a pro and I could tell she loved sucking cock, I stood her up and I sat down, before pulling her on top of me, she mounted me and I slid my cock in in one go, she let out a loud moan before she started grinding again, my hands worked all over her body and I sucked on each of her nipples, this only made her motion move faster, so I grabbed her ass tight and slid a finger up there, this obviously took her by surprise by the sounds the came out of her, but she wasn't complaining. I'd seen her around my area a few times, and I'd always though

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Asagi igawa
You are so dominant and it is such a delight seeing your pleasure
Momoko suou
It s good to see white women embracing what s meant to be we need more out and open true black cock addicts