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#268057 - She works in a department store in London and to protect her and those involved in this true story I will call her C. Shaun has his eyes on the black guy in the film and Mandy is sucking like mad her head is bobbing up and down and Shaun is holding her head C is now telling me to fuck her hard and fuck her arse I am now fully erect and pumping like mad I can see all this going on and boy it is fucking good to see. We decide we will and when we arrive home I get on the phone to order C goes to bar and gets the drinks, she then goes to the bedroom and changes out of her work suit and Shaun and I settle down to chat a bit, C calls Mandy to join her in the bedroom I should explain our bedroom has an on suite and C uses the smaller of the four bedrooms as her dressing room make up etc, Mandy joins her and I put on some music.

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