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#120405 - Once Jessica got into the house her curiosity about the young man was piqued and she began snooping around the house looking for anything she could get her hands on to get to know her neighbor a little better. Jessica struggled, trying to get off the machine, trying to dislodge the sharp spit, but she soon found herself tightly clamped in with nothing to do now but to wait, wait and hope that it would not go in too deep. Standing there in the garage of her neighbor's house staring at the chrome machine she reads Jessica 3000 printed on the side of a large machine with clamps and a huge spike she begins to think what could this machine possibly be used for? at that moment thousands of bondage images go rushing through her head and it hits her its a fucking machine as she walks over to the machine she begins touching it wondering what it would feel like to be on top of it letting it fuck her.

Read Spank Ranma da Ranma Zokkou Hen - Ranma 12 Homemade Ranma da Ranma Zokkou Hen

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Megumi morisato
Do you guys know more like this
Milly ashford
What his name plz
So hot had my cock like a steel bar 9 out of 10 only because i wasnt in there to watch