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#387633 - As he lined up his long dick with her slick folds, he raised the wet finger to her mouth, aiming to push it in. As she dealt with her embarrassment and guilt, he got up, feeling his erection return instantly, hard as steel, upon realization that these humans were going to worship his muscular form, by dying in droves.

Read Ex Girlfriend (C99) [Shirokurousa (Sugiyuu)] Tatakai ni Maketa Shoujo no Kiroku ~Kaori Hen~ | 少女在战斗中败北的记录 ~香织篇~ (Princess Connect! Re:Dive) [Chinese] [逃亡者×真不可视汉化组] - Princess connect Street Tatakai ni Maketa Shoujo no Kiroku| 少女在战斗中败北的记录