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#381090 - Pepper then scurried off to what I did not know Shortly there after Ginger and Cinnamon returned Cinnamon sitting in my lap this time she held out something it was a little blue pill and a glass of ale telling me if I was going to stay I was going to need it So after the snack and my chaser the girls filled me in on their own room exploration knowing Ginger was slightly dominant was not new to me And fact that she was bisexual, as for cinnamon other than light flirtation at the library I didn’t know much about her It turned out she’s very bisexual and very submissive that being the case inviting Ginger to the room was an act of need Once in the room cinnamon dropped to her knees facing Ginger and went into classic submissive pose ,seeing this ginger had her remove her bottoms walked up to cinnamon and commanded her to lick her pussy she complied eagerly and expertly probe in deep between gingers spread lips Ginger just grab some hair and ground her Sex onto cinnamon’s tongue As soon

Read Perfect Teen Kyou kara Anata no Imouto ni Narimashita. - Original Usa Kyou kara Anata no Imouto ni Narimashita.

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