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#292163 - I’ll wash your hair, you wash mine!” With that she put both of her hands and all of her weight on his broad shoulders, and laughed in delight as he allowed her to dunk him! Twenty minutes later they’d finished washing and drying each other, except for her long thick hair, which would take hours to dry, except with a commercial machine. Her cleavage showed half way to her navel, which made it obvious she had nothing supporting her marvelous breasts! She asked Bill “Do you think the men will notice my hair is still wet?” The billionaire entrepreneur, inventor, and benefactor of charities answered her as intelligently as he could, “Mmm, Boobs!” Coco laughed at the ridiculous situation. “Old man? No way, Darling, you were right beside me every stride; I could never have stayed up with Gunner without you there! Lean on me, Sweetheart.

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