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#89063 - I just assumed that she didn’t know, because if she had known, I was sure she’d have told me. Each night, Erika insisted on me being the one on top, during the lovemaking, and I couldn’t refuse her what she wanted. That was why she’d been mine from the first day! If I had known even a fraction of what I learned that weekend, at the time I had first offered to permit Erika to sit on my face, I might not have been brave enough to offer in the first place, and then where would we have ended up? Would we have still become an item if I hadn’t shown her such pleasure on a night-time after ‘work’? I don’t know, but I would like to think that Erika would have seen me for what I genuinely was; a caring young woman with a desire to make her happy, even if I hadn’t been brave enough to offer free pussy eatings on a daily basis right from the start of our friendship.

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