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#190356 - slowly it pushed its babymaking stick inside her, inch by inch, Sarah felt the pressure in her pussy increase every moment he pressed into her, she felt the sting of its first row of spikes hit her slithly, at which point it seemed he had reached deep inside of her, its tip was resting against her cervix, slowly he pulled out again, and in ones more, and on and on, he started fucking her slowly, Sarah started moaning harder and harder as the beast gradualy increased the speed of his insectoid thrusting, she could feel every bump of its penis inside of her love canal. Comming into the kitchen her mother was washing the morning dishes, Good morning pumpkin her mother said did you sleep well ? hello mom, not realy, I had some nightmares but I'm ok. slowly she started washing herself with a washing towel that she weted in the warm water.

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